Vuyani (August)

The story behind the video called “TheChase” can be read at the bottom of the page.

“On 24th October we got up early as usual dressed and were escorted to the main lodge for coffee and Rusks ratatouille film herunterladen. We talked to the other guests about what we’d see. The anticipation of the upcoming drive and what we’d see was palpable.

The weather was overcast and looked like rain windows 10 auf stick downloaden. There was thunder and the occasional flash of lightning.

We climbed aboard our game vehicles snuggled down under a blanket and we headed off into the bush herunterladen.

No sooner underway a shout on the radio came in and Uyai changed from excited to very excited and said another vehicle had spotted some Lions Create website program free download. With a brief look to the sky he said we should get there before it rains. But we might not get back before it started. He asked what us guests what we thought bubble shooter spiel kostenlos downloaden. We all said. “Yeah let’s go for it”

So off we went. We went fast, or as fast as you can go on a bush road. We were all told to sit close and in the middle of the vehicle private tax 2016 herunterladen. Crest overhanging on the spotters seat. Uyai driving, using the radio and occasionally shouting “mind the trees” where we would all squeeze together a duck a bit more steam kann keine spiele downloaden.

Round corner after corner with Crest somehow holding on. Slowing down for potholes and humps then back up to speed corner after corner download picture books for free.

Eyes kept looking to the skies. It’s getting darker, was that a spot of rain, that lightning is getting closer, that that clap of thunder was loud herunterladen. Still we drove into the bush, corner after corner and then in the distance we saw a couple of game vehicles. More corners, another spot of rain, another flash of lightning, another clap of thunder and then while Uyai’s driving round corners, “mind the tree” he sees them sims 4 feestdagenpakketen.

We’re still looking in front of us and all we can see is trees. “he’s mobile” and immediately turns right. Points across to the left where we see two lionesses and the most beautiful Male Lion. We stop, we take pictures and within a minute of arriving the lions slope off into the bush.

The lightning feels close the thunder is now very loud. Uyai turns slightly towards us and says. “I think we’d better get back to the lodge”

We were sat with these wonderful animals about a minute when we suddenly became aware that it was raining.

For those that don’t know. When it rains in Africa…..It rains.

How Uyai could see on the way back none of us knew but we got back to the lodge: Soaked but happy.

The rest of our stay was much the same, without the rain. A truly superb place with superb people and accommodation. Just too many people to praise.

Everybody on holiday says, “I can’t wait to come back!”

How many people actually go back a second time?

How many people go back a third time?

Well in October 2017 we’re booked in for a fourth time!!”

(Actually we sneaked in a trip in August 2017 so October will be our fifth visit)