We’ve been lucky and have been on many wonderful holidays. Many think we’re mad, sometimes we think we’re mad, but what we have are fantastic memories adobe flash player gratisen ipad.

We’ve been within 6 feet of lions. We’ve been charged by a silver back Gorilla. We’ve broken down in the middle of Leopard country and had to push a Toyota Landcrusier a mile or so to the safe camp filezilla dateien herunterladen.

We’ve wild camped and swam in the Okavango delta. In Tanzania we couldn’t go to bed because some Elephants walked through the campsite herunterladen.

Borneo we were 12 feet away from Orangutans and the same away from Pygmy Elephants and bathed up to our necks in gloopy brown mud instagram entwürfe downloaden.

We’ve been 30 foot away from Rhinoceroses and left the safety of the game vehicle and walked towards Cheetahs songs to for free. This year we actually walked behind two Cheetahs while they were on the hunt.

Some of the thousands of images from some the places we’ve visited are in the drop down menu above herunterladen.